hybrid adjustable mowing height self charging backup battery cordless brush mower

Vigorun Tech is a Chinese professional radio controlled brush cutter factory which has our own Technical Research and Development Department. All our RC brush cutter are remote controlled with CE and EPA approval. Cutting width 800MM which can finish most weeding requests. All our slope grass trimmers are gasoline and electric hybrid powered. They’re battery operated with a quite low power consumption. The engine type is single cylinder and four stroke with strong power.

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The gasoline remote controlled brush cutter is equipped with manganese steel cutter heads and driven by hybrid power of both gasoline & electricity. The remote control range can be as far as 200m. It can be operated remotely without following by user at any time. So our electric hybrid powered radio controlled brush cutter can absolutely reduce the labor intensity, noises and vibration damages of the staff, also cut down labor costs easily.

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Our battery operated brush cutter are multifunctional and can be widely used in steep incline, river embankment, garden lawn, slope protection, gardens, high grass, highway plant, hillside, golf course, greenhouse, etc. All mowing problems may find a best solution with Vigorun.

Compared with similar products in the European and American markets, we have a huge price advantage and guaranteed product quality, allowing you to spend less money and enjoy the same or even better lawn mowers.

Driving MethodCrawlerCrawlerCrawlerWheeledWheeled
Engine / PowerYamaha 7.5HpLoncin 9HpLoncin 16HpLoncin 7HpLoncin 16Hp
Cutting Width550mm550mm800mm550mm800mm
Adjustable Cutting HeightYes, by remoteYes, by remoteYes, by remoteYes, by handYes, by remote
Self ChargingYesYesYesNoYes

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