Rubber Track Remote Operated Slope Mower (VTC800-160)


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Remote control rubber track steep slope mower 800mm cutting width

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1) Security
Our remote-controlled lawnmower allows for safe operation on hazardous slopes by enabling remote control functionality.
This feature keeps staff away from the risk of rolling down the slope while still efficiently mowing the grass.
2) Worm gear & worm reducer
The walking motor is equipped with a worm gear and worm reducer.
The nature of this reducer design provides an inherent self-locking feature.
This means that even when power is cut off, the worm gear mechanism prevents the motor from moving due to the high friction generated between the worm and worm wheel.
As a result, the motor remains stationary, ensuring safety and preventing any unintended sliding or rolling on the slope.
3) Walking motor & reducer
Our mower features a powerful brushless 48V motor with a 110mm diameter coil and a 6-square mm power cable, ensuring strong power output with minimal heat generation.
It is designed to support long hours of continuous operation.
Equipped with a large RV063 gearbox with a high reduction ratio of 1:40, our slope mower guarantees strong torque at low speeds and exceptional climbing ability.
4) Oil pump & forced lubrication
The gasoline engine equipped with an oil pump is capable of forced lubrication, which is essential for reliable operation and preventing premature wear.
This system ensures that the engine receives a constant supply of pressurized oil for effective lubrication, particularly during the demanding conditions of driving on a slope.
5) High efficiency & labor savings
Our lawn mower, with a travel speed of up to 4 km/h and a cutting width of 800mm, offers high efficiency.
While requiring staff for remote control operation, the wide cutting width significantly reduces labor costs, making it a cost-effective solution.

Model: VTC800-160
Cutting Width: 800mm
Walking Speed: 0-4km/h
Working Degree: 0-60°
Adjustable Cutting Height: 10~180mm
Min Ground Clearance: 20mm
Remote Control Range: 200m

Fuel Type: Gasoline
Brand: Loncin
Power / Emission: 16Hp / 452cc
Engine Type: Single cylinder, four stroke
Start Method: Electric start
Emission Standard: Euro 5/EPA
Fuel Tank: 7L
Working Time: 4h

Walking Motor
Motor Type: Brushless electric traction
Voltage / Power: 48V / 800W

Dynamo: 56V 2000W
Battery: 48V 12Ah

Machine Size: 1260*1180*600mm
Machine Weight: 248kg

Package Size: 1360*1300*800mm
Gross Weight: 298kg


Additional information

Weight 298 kg
Dimensions 136 × 130 × 80 cm





Steel & rubber


Remote control


Custom colors are available for bulk orders.

Gasoline Engine

Loncin 452CC 16Hp

Cutting Width


Adjustable Cutting Height

Yes, by remote control.

Self Charging