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track driven wheel

For perfect performance, we improved the driven wheels to nylon material, provides several advantages:
1) Light weight: Nylon material is lighter compared to metals, which reduces the overall weight of the tracked vehicle. This improves its maneuverability and fuel efficiency.
2) Wear resistance: Nylon has excellent wear resistance, which helps reduce the wear and tear between the wheels and the tracks. This extends the lifespan of the vehicle.
3) Corrosion resistance: Nylon material exhibits high resistance to corrosion from lubricants and various chemicals. This enables better protection of the powertrain system, especially in harsh environments.
4) Noise reduction: Nylon material produces less noise compared to metal drive wheels. This helps in reducing the noise generated during vehicle operation.

The cost of Vigorun brand is 3 times that of ordinary products(left one) in the market.

In summary, using nylon material for the wheels of the tracked lawn mower enhances its performance, durability, and reduces operational costs.

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