Lawn mowing feedback video from Estonian customer

We received some awesome feedback from our customer in Estonia about our remote control lawnmower!
He said, “Hello, I got the lawnmower and gave it a try. It’s working like a charm! I’m really satisfied with it. Great job, guys!”

He even sent us a video after using it for official lawn mowing.
This machine is a wheeled, four-wheel drive lawn mower, perfect for flat surfaces like lawns.
It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. You can start the engine with just one button! The movement is powered by four electric motors, while the cutting blade is driven directly by the engine.

But the best part is that this machine comes with a built-in generator. It uses the engine to continuously generate power, ensuring long-lasting operation.
And guess what? It’s compact too, with a height of only 43cm, making it super convenient for transportation and storage.

This wheeled remote control lawnmower is the perfect choice for European households, public green areas, and even football fields!
Mowing has never been easier.

If you are also interested in this lawn mower, please contact us.

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