How to operate VIGORUN Remote Control Track Chassis (RTC300)

This Remote Control Track Chassis RTC300 equipped with a function expansion HUB, which can control additional 4 channels, it can easily control and expand other functions required by customers without professional remote control knowledge.

With an effective range of up to 200 meters, you can stay safe while operating the mower, away from potential dangers like flipping on a slope or encountering creepy crawlies. It’s even user-friendly for people with disabilities!

1) It has strong gripping ability, can work in various mountains, swamps, slopes, sandy lands and steep slopes. It can work well on slopes up to 50 degrees.

2) Using well-known brand brushless DC Gear Motor, gearbox and motor integrated design, very beautiful, prevent oil leakage and ensure a longer lifespan.

3) This tracked chassis comes with a 4-channel functional expansion version, allowing users to customize and add various desired functions.

4) The chassis has been reinforced and can handle a maximum load of 300 kilograms. It is capable of carrying people and transporting goods.

5) This chassis product is based on our highly mature remote-controlled lawnmower technology, using high-quality components for stable performance and superior quality.

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